Engineering and business support services for defense and commercial sectors

Cantle Tech, a woman-owned small business concern, may be found on DSBS and SAM.

We will deliver the brilliance you need to succeed.

We specialize in solving problems by using our unique skillsets to assess the situation, quickly act to enhance or repair, anticipate risks you may not yet see on the horizon, and often present future options you may not know are available to you. We’re engineers and creative - which means that we know how to bridge the gap between your business goals and your technology needs. 

Our customers select us because we've had success with a broad range of enterprise software systems and C4ISR systems, prototypes, and associated sensors. We know how to obtain and interpret valuable data, move it to the right place, and then transform that data into actionable knowledge. 

Our customer return to us because we cut through the red tape and get projects done. We don't do stagnation or butts in seats. We do find the solutions!

Custom Application Development

We design and develop your application with your audience in mind. We can source and fuse data from all over the web, integrate custom or stock sensors, and build a dashboard that brings it all together. Even if your application is as simple as a series of forms and validations, we can put it together in an elegant way. Need an API to integrate disparate systems? Yes, your solution can have one.


Systems Engineering

Hardware and software systems truly power the world. We have the knowledge and skills to expand your market by developing or improving your product, be it an embedded system, a robot, or various sensors. We also have extensive experience in C4ISR, from supporting programs of record to proof-of-concept demonstrations using emerging technologies, from autonomy to machine learning.

Ocean Engineering

New in 2018, Cantle Tech is expanding to include Ocean Engineering capability. We can provide testbed services and engineering support in our Tampa Bay location, or we can pull from our network of locations to ensure the proper environment for your design of test. Whatever pieces you have at and any TRL, we can fill in the gaps and ensure a successful operation.

Project Management

Project management and orchestration is where Cantle started to break away from the pack. There are a lot of great engineers and creatives in the world, but with our unique management methods, rooted in Agile methodology, we have been able to outshine our competition and achieve great successes. We'd love to help revive your projects or get your new project running great from the start.

Training, Operations, and Maintenance

Once our project is delivered, we won't disappear! We have a well-qualified and active education and training department working with the best academic institutions in the country as well as Defense Acquisition University. This will ensure our ability to deliver job aids, training, ongoing courses, and documentation suitable for a successful and streamlined operations and maintenance phase.

Business and Technical Strategy

Whether you have an established business or an exciting new idea, we’ll help you plan your tech, build your brand, and establish your marketing with the end in mind. Don't let your business and your tech be disjointed - we've got this one covered.

Sensor Packaging and Integration

Sensor packaging is paramount to a successful product. Our team can engineer the right solution for proof of concept testing, low rate initial production, or full manufacturing.

How can we reach you?

Contact us today to get started on your first or your next successful project!


"Jayme, I want to thank you for your excellent support on the MBMS BOSS Enhancements project. As a team we’ve shared many “bumps and bruises,” facing and overcoming insurmountable odds and challenges to achieve project closure. Your unwavering support to me and the team has been remarkable, and I truly appreciate your personal commitment to “get the job done,” at any cost – often a hefty cost of time, effort, and personal sacrifices. Without your enduring dedication we would not have achieved our end goal. For that, I sincerely thank you (and your family) for the steadfast commitment and dedication to our mission."

Prime Contractor, Veterans Affairs T4NG Contact

"I wanted to say how impressed I am at the huge efforts you have all put in to pull this off. This is a big win for everyone in our progress towards completion of the FNOD/EOA/PMC/CBS projects. I did contracting work for years as well, and the nights and weekend all-nighters were always the dreaded activities. You all have been working closely together and it has kept you focused on what needs to be worked on and resolved immediately. Hung has been awesome in giving his time as well – and this could not have all happened this weekend without him. Jayme – you have been awesome, jack-of-all trades, coordination, updates – and not just this weekend, you have been a key player throughout. Karen, the same goes for you and your team’s efforts. I was wrong to have any doubts that this could be pulled off this weekend. You have all done a great job!"

Veterans Affairs Program Manager, T4NG Contract

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