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Cantle Technology Corporation

Based in Florida, USA.

Our team is 100% US Citizens.


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"Jayme and her staff at Cantle will take amazing care of your company and tech projects, from website design that truly represents your company into deeper work such as software development, this team can serve your needs."

- CEO -

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"Your unwavering support to me and the team has been remarkable, and I truly appreciate your personal commitment to “get the job done,” at any cost – often a hefty cost of time, effort, and personal sacrifices. Without your enduring dedication we would not have achieved our end goal. For that, I sincerely thank you (and your family) for the steadfast commitment and dedication to our mission."

- Project Manager -

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"I wanted to say how impressed I am at the huge efforts you have all put in to pull this off... You all have been working closely together and it has kept you focused on what needs to be worked on and resolved immediately... I was wrong to have any doubts that this could be pulled off this weekend. You have all done a great job!"

- Program Manager -