Signs You Could Benefit From a Technical Account Manager

Posted by: Cantle Tech

Have you considered hiring a technical account manager? Whatever the size of your business may be, it might be time to consider bringing on a technical account manager (TAM) as an extension of your team.

What exactly can a TAM do for you?

Your TAM is like your personal tech ally, answering questions and working closely with your business to understand your technical needs and brand goals. They help you adopt new programs and provide ongoing assistance, oversight and guidance.

At Cantle Tech, we offer technical account management services for our Couchbase clients so that they can make the most of their enterprise solutions. When is it time for you to consider working with a Cantle Tech technical account manager? Here are a few signs you might be ready for a TAM.

You Want to Prevent and Solve Issues Faster

A TAM is going to be fluent in the programs and enterprise solutions your business uses for daily operations, data storage and more, and they’re also going to have experience handling similar glitches for other brands. This means that when an issue arises, they can address it quickly and easily.

You can’t afford to wait to contact a help desk and get a reply or hold out while someone troubleshoots and tries to find the root of the problem.

According to Forbes, “Lack of needed skills at the right levels, lack of coordination with the team, and misalignments between IT and business are the most common contributors to data and analytics failures.”

You’ve assembled a stellar team, and you are your business’s best expert and advocate. A TAM is an expert too—at knowing how programming like yours works and how to fix it when it breaks down.

Having a TAM on hand to work with your team even can help you prevent disasters from happening. Since your technical account manager is so knowledgeable on your enterprise solution system and also has plenty of real-life experience on how it works, they can be there to spot and prevent potential disasters and will know how to solve them quickly if they do happen.

There are all kinds of horror stories about enterprise software going horribly wrong. A TAM can help you address issues fast and even see these issues coming before they ever happen. Because they know you and your brand, they know your sales cycle and can help you prepare for surges—like increased retail on Black Friday, for instance. You may not know how to adequately prepare your systems for the influx in transactions, but your TAM can help bolster your systems and ready your programs for the expected increase.

Can you imagine having to handle one of your largest sales days of the year while your systems are down? Your TAM can prevent this kind of catastrophe from happening.

The best part of working with a TAM is that they can help your team learn from issues so that you can improve your operations and stability. In the long run, you’ll encounter fewer problems and gain confidence as you go.

You Want to Get the Most Out of Your Tech Investment

Your TAM works closely with you to understand your business and help you get the most out of your enterprise investment. They know what kind of technology is available and can help you choose the features and solutions that will best help you, which solutions to avoid, and how to continually use these tools for prime effectiveness in your business operations. When a useful new product or solution becomes available, your TAM is there to let you know.

Your TAM has both the business acumen and technical expertise to see how your brand operates. They will help you achieve your business goals by providing guidance on how to get there using your enterprise system. They work closely with you to understand all the unique needs of your business and act as a trusted advisor so that you always have an ally within your enterprise solution team helping you make the most of your systems and utilizing all the functions you have at your disposal to their fullest extent.

A Cantle Tech technical account manager will be apprised of all upcoming Couchbase product releases and will give you a product roadmap to help you discern what tools you need and which ones you don’t. We always have your best interests at heart, and we want your Couchbase solution to work for you. Your TAM will be able to guide you through how to best use your system and how and when to upgrade it to make the move of your investment.

You Need to Scale Your Business

Maybe you’re experiencing growing pains within your company, and you need to scale up your systems to match your brand’s new responsibilities. That’s fantastic! With Cantle Tech, our Couchbase programming is all designed to be extensible to support your brand as it evolves.

You need to be able to modify the behavior of your interface to stay current and meet your business’ needs. Your systems, APIs and other solutions should be able to adapt to new circumstances and change over time.

But when it’s time to scale your business, it still may not be time to scale up your entire IT team. Scaling up your app, for example, requires more maintenance and attention. Your TAM can help you adjust to these new changes without the need to hire a full-time employee. You can scale and grow your Couchbase system and still stay on budget.

Do you need ongoing oversight, guidance and assistance with your Couchbase deployment or technical stack? Cantle Tech is here to be your technical account manager.

Not only are we happy to be your Couchbase technical point of contact, but we want to guide you through its use by building a strong relationship with our team and with Couchbase.

We want to act as your Couchbase liaison. Is it time for you to experience all the benefits of a technical account manager? Contact us today!