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Get the Enterprise-Class Applications You Need Without the Fuss

You need a cloud database to handle your business-critical applications. One that can change, grow, and evolve as easily as you do. Couchbase provides the platform to make it happen. Cantle Tech provides the rest.

Are you stalled trying to license your systems alone?

  • I want to receive exclusive rates for my Couchbase subscription
  • My team needs fast-tracked answers to service requests
  • I need someone to manage my renewal so I never go offline
  • I need to know when and how to expand within Couchbase
  • We need ongoing guidance on how to best use our Couchbase license
  • I’m seeking individual attention for my Couchbase solutions

At Cantle Tech, your days of being stuck in a never-ending queue are over. To us, you are more than just a 
licensing number or an email or service request; we become a true member of your team.

Move to the front of the line.

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image for Visit the private, Couchbase solutions support portal.

Visit the private, Couchbase solutions support portal.

We'll even sign NDAs. Our support is 100% US-based. Get real-time, private support while you are building your solutions with Couchbase. We would love to be a part of your journey with Couchbase.

Don't Be Another Face in the Crowd

Our goal isn’t to get you set up with Couchbase, wish you the best and leave you to fend for yourself; we want to create a long-term relationship to support your Couchbase solutions for the long haul. We always give you personal attention, getting you the help you need right away, so you don’t ever feel like just one person in a crowd of thousands.

Ongoing Couchbase License Management and Exclusive Rates

With Cantle Tech as an official Couchbase partner, we manage your license, deal with Couchbase on your behalf, offer irreplaceable licensing guidance, and ensure exclusive partner rates so you always get the best value.

Priority Care and Support Throughout the Lifespan of Your Business

So we offer qualified, expert advice and guidance each step of the way. From Day 1, we fast-track your queries to real-time chat with developers. Instead of dealing with a help desk or support request, you get help from us right away.

Renew and Expand Your Application When the Time is Right

We help you decide the best time to expand within the Couchbase universe. As your business grows and demands change, we help you fully utilize Couchbase and make sure you never miss a renewal so you always stay online. 

We'll get you support and communication when you need it most.

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