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Contracting custom software can be a leap of faith, but sometimes it is unavoidable. We hear you and we feel that knot in your stomach that says, "good luck on this train wreck." We don't wreck trains at Cantle Tech. Our mission is to make technology approachable and prove that it really can be simplified and effective in streamlining and growing businesses. 

We've worked with many businesses' failing and complex tech stacks to bring them a new perspective, a new plan, and improved solutions. There is always an investment, but our goal is to ensure our solution returns that investment. 

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Custom software can be a challenge. We're up for it.

There are many reasons you need custom software:

  • Your IT department is doing everything they can to keep up with operations, but you need that next enhancement in place.
  • Your SaaS product is slowing down and costing too much to run.
  • You are spending your team's hours on moving data, data entry, and data analysis.
  • Your applications are running poorly and your user experience is affecting adoption and growth.
  • You need features that your current solution doesn't support.
  • Your IT department is telling you that you can't have what you need.
  • You are certain that it should be easier than this.
  • You want to scale your business, but you can't imagine adding extra work.

Sometimes, existing programs just aren’t the right fit for your operations. 

You may have tried to tough it out with other programs, but they just can’t keep up. APIs and other agency-based solutions just don’t fit right out of the box. You need the next enhancement in place. If you fall into this category, you may know that contracting someone else to create a custom software solution for you can feel like a major leap of faith. That’s why you only should employ someone who’s completely up to the challenge.

Cantle Tech works hard to create software and applications that are tailor made to your exact needs. While every project is different, when we build custom solutions for your business, we always have the same goals:

  • We work on a designed budget and come up with creative solutions to use that budget most effectively.
  • We build elegant and lightweight coding solutions to match even the trickiest of requests.
  • We focus on creating scalable and extensible solutions that always can scale with your company.
  • We balance your priorities to construct a specific, personalized solution.

We pair our extensive knowledge of prepackaged software solutions with the functionalities you need to develop a personalized program that does exactly what you need it to do.

Over 17 percent of software development companies report struggling to provide continuous performance and load testing management. Working with Cantle Tech, we have additional knowledge from working with existing software to create solutions that truly work.

At Cantle Tech, our belief is that custom, bespoke solutions should be far superior to any readily available program that’s out there. Your custom solution should perform all the tasks you need it to without sacrificing functionality that’s vital to the health of your business and without your paying for features you don’t need and never will use.

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