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Creating a Custom Solution Can Be Easier

Sometimes, existing programs just aren’t the right fit for your operations. You may have tried to tough it out with other programs, but some APIs and other agency-based solutions just don’t fit right out of the box. You need a next-level enhancement in place. Contracting someone else to create a custom software solution for you can feel like a major leap of faith.

  • It’s time to scale my business, but I can’t imagine the extra work
  • We are spending too many hours dealing with data
  • My applications aren’t running well, and our growth has been affected
  • My IT team needs enhancements to keep up with our growing operations 
  • Our IT team is telling me I can’t have the features I really need
  • Our Enterprise SaaS product is slow and costs too much to run

At Cantle Tech, our belief is that custom solutions should be far superior to any readily available program that’s out there. Your custom solution should perform all the tasks you need it to– without sacrificing functionality that’s vital to the health of your business and without having to pay for features you don’t need and never will use.

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image for Visit the private, Couchbase solutions support portal.

Visit the private, Couchbase solutions support portal.

We'll even sign NDAs. Our support is 100% US-based. Get real-time, private support while you are building your solutions with Couchbase. We would love to be a part of your journey with Couchbase.

Custom Solutions to Provide Exactly the Tools You Need

Cantle Tech works hard to create software and applications that are tailor-made to your exact needs.  We pair our extensive
 knowledge of prepackaged software solutions with the functionalities you need to develop a personalized
program using imaginative solutions and creative problem-solving.

While every project is different, when we build custom solutions for your business, we always have the same goals:

Affordable Solutions

We work on a designed budget and come up with creative solutions to use that budget most effectively.

Lightweight Architecture

We build elegant and lightweight coding solutions to match even the trickiest of requests.

Scalable Systems

We focus on creating scalable and extensible solutions that always evolve with your company.

Let us build the system you need.

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image for A Government “Field Of Dreams”-Style Case Study

A Government “Field Of Dreams”-Style Case Study

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In the world of custom software, what do you do with limited resources and a nearly impossible time frame? At Cantle Tech, we love taking on a challenge and rising to meet it so that we can make our clients’ goals come to fruition.

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